An Army sergeant (Samual Jackson) takes six of his special troops on a training mission into the rain-soaked Colombian jungles and only two come out alive. When the rescue mission arrives, they see one soldier (Brian Van Holt) killing another and carrying a wounded comrade (Giovanni Ribisi). As the interrogation begins, the soldier refuses to talk to anyone other than another Ranger. The investigating officer (Connie Nielsen) protests, but her commanding officer (Timothy Daly) nonetheless brings in a former Ranger and current DEA agent (John Travolta) to help. The agent is currently on suspension from DEA for allegedly accepting a bribe. From this point on, the plot continues to twist and turn and offers numerous surprises that keeps the story interesting.


Title: Basic

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: McTiernan, John


  • Travolta, John as Hardy
  • Nielsen, Connie as Osborne
  • Jackson, Samuel L. as West
  • Daly, Timothy as Styles
  • Ribisi, Giovanni as Kendall
  • Van Holt, Brian as Dunbar
  • Diggs, Taye as Pike
  • Mihok, Dash as Mueller
  • de la Fuente, Cristián as Castro
  • Sanchez, Roselyn as Nunez
  • Connick Jr., Harry as Vilmer
  • Hausserman, Georgia as Pilot
  • Travolta, Margaret as Nurse #1
  • Johnston, Dena as Nurse #2
  • Loren, Nick as Helicopter Pilot

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