An Army sergeant (Samual Jackson) takes six of his special troops on a training mission into the rain-soaked Colombian jungles and only two come out alive. When the rescue mission arrives, they see one soldier (Brian Van Holt) killing another and carrying a wounded comrade (Giovanni Ribisi). As the interrogation begins, the soldier refuses to talk to anyone other than another Ranger

. The investigating officer (Connie Nielsen) protests, but her commanding officer (Timothy Daly) nonetheless brings in a former Ranger and current DEA agent (John Travolta) to help. The agent is currently on suspension from DEA for allegedly accepting a bribe. From this point on, the plot continues to twist and turn and offers numerous surprises that keeps the story interesting.


Title: Basic

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: McTiernan, John


  • Travolta, John as Hardy
  • Nielsen, Connie as Osborne
  • Jackson, Samuel L. as West
  • Daly, Timothy as Styles
  • Ribisi, Giovanni as Kendall
  • Van Holt, Brian as Dunbar
  • Diggs, Taye as Pike
  • Mihok, Dash as Mueller
  • de la Fuente, Cristián as Castro
  • Sanchez, Roselyn as Nunez
  • Connick Jr., Harry as Vilmer
  • Hausserman, Georgia as Pilot
  • Travolta, Margaret as Nurse #1
  • Johnston, Dena as Nurse #2
  • Loren, Nick as Helicopter Pilot

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