A charismatic convict (Bruce Willis) and a hypochondriac inmate (Billy Bob Thornton) break out of prison in a cement truck and immediately start a bank robbing spree. Becoming known as the “Sleepover Bandits”, the two kidnap bank managers the night before their robbery, spend the night with their families, and then all go to the bank in the morning to get the dough. Using a dim-witted stunt man (Troy Garrity) as their getaway driver and lookout, the three successfully pull off several jobs that gets them recognition on a tv show about America’s criminals. When a bored housewife (Cate Blanchett) with a failing marriage decides to runaway, she ends up in the hands of the criminals. Initially attracted to Willis, she nonetheless also ends up in bed with Thornton and a confused romantic relationship begins. Continuing along with their spree, the bandits hit the wall when the bank managers realize that they are non-violent and therefore no threat to them or their employees. This leads to one more big score at the Alamo Bank, where in the very opening scenes, things appear to go awry.


Title: Bandits

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance

    Directors: Levinson, Barry


  • Willis, Bruce as Joe Blake
  • Thornton, Billy Bob as Terry Lee Collins
  • Blanchett, Cate as Kate Wheeler
  • Garity, Troy as Harvey Pollard
  • O”Byrne, Brian F. as Darill Miller
  • Travis, Stacey as Cloe Miller
  • Slayton, Bobby as Darren Head
  • Jones, January as Pink Boots
  • Skye, Azura as Cheri
  • Miley, Peggy as Mildred Kronenberg
  • Converse-Roberts, William as Charles Wheeler
  • Riehle, Richard as Larry Fife
  • Mercurio, Micole as Sarah Fife
  • Burkholder, Scott as Wildwood Policeman
  • Burch, Anthony as Phil

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