Richard and Susan are a couple from San Diego, California who are vacationing in Morocco while their two children are at home with their Mexican housekeeper, Amelia. A rifle finds its way into the hands of a local herdsman’s young sons, who recklessly take a shot at a tour bus and hit Susan in the shoulder, causing her severe injury. The distraught Richard calls home to tell Amelia of the situation, who shortly departs for Mexico to attend her son’s wedding, with Richard and Susan’s children in tow. Disaster thus multiplies, with the situation in Morocco ascribed to terrorists in the media, while Amelia meets with trouble at the Mexican border when she attempts to return to San Diego with Richard and Susan’s children. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, a widower tied to the rifle in question, a complex shift of ownership to which the audience is privy, attempts to deal with the memories of his recently deceased wife and his strained relationship with his deaf teenage daughter.


Title: Babel

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Drama, Thriller

    Directors: González Iñárritu, Alejandro


  • Pitt, Brad as Richard
  • Blanchett, Cate as Susan
  • Akhzam, Mohamed as Anwar
  • Wight, Peter as Tom
  • Walter, Harriet as Lilly
  • Martin, Trevor as Douglas
  • Gibbs, Matyelok as Elyse
  • Bousquet, Georges as Robert
  • Acs, Claudine as Jane
  • Oumansky, André as Walter
  • Maloney, Michael as James
  • Crowley, Dermot as Barth
  • Nottingham, Wendy as Tourist #1
  • Maratray, Henry as Tourist #2
  • Broughton, Linda as Tourist #3

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