After a vicious storm , half the ocean washes into the beach club swimming pool. Two teenagers, Haley and Claire, discover a mermaid in the pool. She tells them that she needs to find love in three days, and they agree to help her because helping a mermaid means you get a wish, and they decide that they can use their wish to try and stop Haley from moving to Australia.


Title: Aquamarine

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance

    Directors: Allen, Elizabeth


  • Roberts, Emma as Claire
  • Levesque, Joanna ”JoJo” as Hailey
  • Paxton, Sara as Aquamarine
  • McDorman, Jake as Raymond
  • Kebbel, Arielle as Cecilia
  • Karvan, Claudia as Ginny
  • Spence, Bruce as Leonard
  • Sursok, Tammin as Marjorie
  • Billing, Roy as Grandpa Bob
  • Blake, Julia as Grandma Maggie
  • Micallef, Shaun as Storm Banks
  • McClatchy, Lulu as Bonnie
  • Cunningham, Natasha as Patty
  • Lachman, Dichen as Beth-Ann
  • Lewis, Lincoln as Theo

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