Angels Fall

Mysterious events unfurl in a small town in ANGELS FALL. Heather Locklear plays a chef who witnesses a murder in the town and is subsequently baffled and alarmed as she has a hard time convincing anyone that the event actually happened.

Angels Fall

Title: Angels Fall

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Romance, Thriller

    Directors: Hemecker, Ralph


  • Crowther, Len as Doc
  • Hamilton, Derek as Lo
  • Hudson, Gary as Rick Marsden
  • Schaech, Johnathon as Brody
  • Seadon, Pete as Mac Drubber
  • Caruk, Lisa Marie as Linda Gail
  • Kocian, Chezlene as Marlie
  • Locklear, Heather as Reese Gilmore
  • Tuer, Shannon as Denna James

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