Based on the book by Elizabeth Taylor, “Angel”, this is the story of a young woman with incredible imagination who refuses to accept the world around her, and creates her own realities.


Title: Angel

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Drama, Romance

    Directors: Ozon, François


  • Garai, Romola as Angel
  • Rampling, Charlotte as Hermione
  • Russell, Lucy as Nora Howe-Nevinson
  • Fassbender, Michael as Esmé
  • Neill, Sam as Théo
  • Tong, Jacqueline as The mother
  • Duvitski, Janine as Aunt Lottie
  • Benjamin, Christopher as Lord Norley
  • Powell, Jemma as Angelica
  • Woods, Simon as Young journalist
  • Pargeter, Alison as Edwina
  • Matthews, Seymour as Doctor
  • Georgeson, Tom as Marvell
  • Stubbs, Una as Teacher
  • Lavelle, Rosanna as Lady Irania

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