Along Came Polly

Can a risk-averse insurance salesman on the rebound from his bride’s infidelity (during their honeymoon) find happiness with a waitress he knew in junior high who’s averse to commitment? Reuben is a sweet klutz who’s ready to settle down but sees in her a chance to recover from disappointment and have some fun; Polly is a sweet itinerant, not ready to settle down but sees a chance to spend time with a nice guy who likes her. What will he do when his bride comes crawling back? What will Polly do, when he runs the numbers and thinks she’s a good risk? Sub-plots involve his self-centered pal, who’s a has-been actor, and an assignment to assess the insurability of a balls-out Aussie.

Along Came Polly

Title: Along Came Polly

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Directors: Hamburg, John


  • Stiller, Ben as Reuben Feffer
  • Aniston, Jennifer as Polly Prince
  • Hoffman, Philip Seymour as Sandy Lyle
  • Messing, Debra as Lisa Kramer
  • Baldwin, Alec as Stan Indursky
  • Azaria, Hank as Claude
  • Brown, Bryan as Leland Van Lew
  • Garcia, Jsu as Javier
  • Lee, Michele as Vivian Feffer
  • Dishy, Bob as Irving Feffer
  • Pyle, Missi as Roxanne
  • Friedlander, Judah as Dustin
  • Hart, Kevin as Vic
  • Oka, Masi as Wonsuk
  • Whitley, Kym as Gladys

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