All Together, The

Martin Freeman plays Chris, a frustrated TV producer who is forced to leave his unreliable flatmate Bob played by Velibor Topic in charge of showing a series of real estate agents around the house he is trying to sell. Worried by Bob’s habit of spending all day working in the basement playing loud music, Chris asks his friend to listen out for the door bell and show anyone who comes calling inside. Bob promises to do exactly that and for once, not to let him down

. Over the course of the day, whilst Chris struggles to cope with his insane TV presenter colleague Jerry, played by Richard Harrington – back at the house it is soon clear that bonkers Bob is taking his promise to Chris rather too literally. Bob has indeed, allowed anyone inside, including a couple of gun-toting gangsters – an incompetent young Brit played by Danny Dyer and an incontinent American played by Corey Johnson. That evening, Chris is surprised to return home and find his flatmate, four estate agents, two Jehovah’s Witnesses, a corpse and a terrified children’s entertainer in what remains of his flooded kitchen. Of course, a roomful of water and broken furniture doesn’t mean the end of the world – but the half-crazed American sitting outside the toilet with a gun, just might.

All Together, The

Title: All Together, The

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Directors: Claxton, Gavin


  • Freeman, Martin as Chris Ashworth
  • Johnson, Corey as Mr. Gaspardi
  • Topic, Velibor as Bob Music
  • Dyer, Danny as Dennis Earle
  • Harrington, Richard as Jerry Davies
  • Abbington, Amanda as Sarah
  • Kenna, Jamie as Keith
  • Edwards, Charles as Marcus Craigie-Halkett
  • Ryland, Jonathan as Barney Winbow
  • Thompson, Ian as Colin
  • Hutchison, Nicholas as Kenny Tinsel
  • Bamber, David as Robin Swain
  • Gilbreath, Alexandra as Prue Swain
  • Marcia Warren as Ms Amies
  • Brown, Wendy Mae as Dorothy

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