All or Nothing

Penny’s love for her partner, taxi-driver Phil, has run dry. He is a gentle, philosophical guy, and she works on the checkout at a supermarket. Their daughter Rachel cleans in a home for elderly people, and their son Rory is unemployed and aggressive

. The joy has gone out of Phil’s and Penny’s life, but when an unexpected tragedy occurs, they are brought together to rediscover their love. All or Nothing is set on a London working-class housing estate over a long weekend, and also tells the stories of a range of Phil and Penny’s neighbors, some of whom become involved in the family’s lives, and all of whom experience an emotional journey.

All or Nothing

Title: All or Nothing

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Directors: Leigh, Mike


  • Spall, Timothy as Phil
  • Manville, Lesley as Penny
  • Garland, Alison as Rachel
  • Corden, James as Rory
  • Sheen, Ruth as Maureen
  • Bailey, Marion as Carol
  • Jesson, Paul as Ron
  • Kelly, Sam as Sid
  • Hunter, Kathryn as C├ęcile
  • Hawkins, Sally as Samantha
  • Coker, Helen as Donna
  • Daniel Mays as Jason
  • Crompton, Ben as Craig
  • Wilfort, Robert as Dr. Simon Griffith
  • McDonald, Gary as Neville

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