Alien Abduction

Written and directed by Eric Forsberg, this unabashedly low-budget sci-fi flick has a young woman being abducted by aliens on a camping trip—and then going through an even harder ordeal when she wakes up in a brutal military hospital for the rehabilitation of abductees.

Alien Abduction

Title: Alien Abduction

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Sci-Fi

    Directors: Forsberg, Eric


  • Ethridge, Megan Lee as Jean
  • Elias, Mark as Rescue Worker
  • Furst, Griff as Todd
  • Morse, Marissa as Britney
  • Thomassie, Patrick as Bud
  • Ghai, Jilon as Thomas
  • James, Bobby as Dr. Booker
  • Katz, Claudia as Major Shakti
  • Craig, Edwin as The Director
  • Landis, Angela as Nurse White
  • Schwiesow, Deirdre as Nurse Green
  • Seaton, Alisha as Nurse Schwartz
  • Weier, Amanda as Captain Helens
  • Lucchesi, Robert as Lieutenant Biggs
  • Evans, Scott as Staffer Maurice

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