Airplane II: The Sequel

Years have passed since Ted Striker heroically saved many lives by avoiding a plane crash. Working as a test pilot for a new Lunar Shuttle, he gets innocently sent into a mental ward after a crash of the badly constructed, computer-navigated spaceship. When he hears that the exactly same type of shuttle is scheduled for a moon flight soon, he breaks out to hinder the launch

. Aboard, Ted finds his ex-ex Elaine Dickinson working as stewardess again and her fiancĂ© Simon, a member of the committee that wants the Mayflower I to be launched. In flight, the ship’s computer ROK 9000 takes control, killing the crew. Ted and Elaine manage to switch it off, and now it is up to Ted again to save the passengers’ lives – if there only wouldn’t be these flashbacks to the war and these people who know Ted and have no faith in his abilities at all.

Airplane II: The Sequel

Title: Airplane II: The Sequel

Release Date: 1982

Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Finkleman, Ken


  • Paymer, David
  • Hays, Robert as Ted Striker
  • Hagerty, Julie as Elaine Dickinson
  • Bridges, Lloyd as Steven McCroskey
  • Everett, Chad as Simon Kurtz
  • Graves, Peter as Capt. Clarence Oveur
  • Connors, Chuck as The Sarge
  • Shatner, William as Cdr. Buck Murdock
  • Burr, Raymond as Judge D.C. Simonton
  • Vernon, John as Dr. Stone
  • Stucker, Stephen as Controller Jacobs/Courtroom Clerk
  • McCord, Kent as Navigator Dave Unger
  • Watson Jr., James A. as First Officer Dunn
  • Dehner, John as The Commissioner
  • Torn, Rip as Bud Kruger/President Reagan
  • Bono, Sonny as Joe Seluchi

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