Agent Cody Banks

Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz) is a shy common teenager, living with his mother, father and little brother in a suburban house. But he is also a very efficient undercover CIA agent. He is assigned by CIA director (Keith David), with the support of his instructor Ronica Miles (Angie Harmon), to date Natalie Connors (Hilary Duff) in order to be invited to her birthday party and get close and spy Natalie’s father, Dr. Connors (Martin Donovan). Dr. Connors is a brilliant scientist, who has developed some sort of micro-robots with the intention of controlling oil leakage from tankers. However, the investors of the experiment intend to use the device as a powerful weapon.

Agent Cody Banks

Title: Agent Cody Banks

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family, Romance, Thriller

    Directors: Zwart, Harald


  • Muniz, Frankie as Cody Banks
  • Duff, Hilary as Natalie Connors
  • Angie Harmon as Ronica Miles
  • David, Keith as CIA Director
  • Stevenson, Cynthia as Mrs. Banks
  • Vosloo, Arnold as Francois Molay
  • Roebuck, Daniel as Mr. Banks
  • McShane, Ian as Dr. Brinkman
  • Hammond, Darrell as Earl
  • Donovan, Martin as Dr. Connors
  • Shelton, Marc as Surveillance Van Agent
  • Gauthier, Chris as Surveillance Van Agent
  • Van Gorkum, Harry as Double Agent
  • Widdows, Connor as Alex Banks
  • Norbury, Eliza as Mom

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