After School Special

Deacon, Matt and Fred will do anything for even a glimpse of sex and spend their mornings pirating porno movies from Fred’s after school job at the video store. But when Fred is fired, the well runs dry, and our heroes come up with a new plan: make their own “adult” film.

After School Special

Title: After School Special

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Evans, David M.


  • von Detten, Erik as Deacon Lewis
  • Denman, Tony as Fred
  • Farber, Daniel as Matt
  • Potts, Sarah-Jane as Ashley
  • Smart, Amy as Naomi Feldman
  • Arnold, Tom as Mr. Lewis
  • Young, Dey as Mrs. Lewis
  • Smith, Riley as Jake
  • Vieluf, Vince as Tom ”Coop” Cooperman
  • Levine, Samm as Roger
  • Richardson, Cameron as Rachael Unger
  • Sanz, Horatio as Vic Ramalot
  • Hedman, Anders as Max (K)
  • Driscoll, Eddie as Mike
  • Dillman, Brooke as Biology Teacher

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