Hoping to make a killing on the insurance money, oil refinery owner Wendell Mays decides to burn the place to the ground. His greed endangers the lives of the entire town as the fireball creates a spreading inferno threatens to engulf the entire city, and stretches the abilities of the fire department and the local hospital to their breaking points.


Title: Ablaze

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Wynorski, Jim


  • Bradley, John as Jack Thomas
  • Arnold, Tom as Wendell Mays
  • Ice-T as Albert Denning
  • Pays, Amanda as Jennifer Lewis
  • Crosby, Cathy Lee as Elizabeth Sherman
  • Harrington Jr., Pat as Stuart Ridgley
  • Albert, Edward as Mayor Phillips
  • Dudikoff, Michael as Daniels
  • Catlett, Mary Jo as Nurse Winslow
  • Biggs, Richard as Garrison
  • Oliver, Christian as Tim Vester
  • Tucci, Michael as Scott
  • Zabka, William as Curt Peters
  • Virgets, Eric James as Workman
  • Cavanaugh, Michael as Chief Sam Davis

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