6th Day, The

A helicopter pilot survives a near-fatal accident and returns to his home – to find that he’s been replaced by an exact duplicate of himself, a clone. When the clone’s creators find out the pilot didn’t die in the crash, the hunt is on.

6th Day, The

Title: 6th Day, The

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Directors: Spottiswoode, Roger


  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold as Adam Gibson
  • Rapaport, Michael as Hank Morgan
  • Goldwyn, Tony as Michael Drucker
  • Rooker, Michael as Robert Marshall
  • Wynter, Sarah as Talia Elsworth
  • Crewson, Wendy as Natalie Gibson
  • Rowland, Rodney as P. Wiley
  • Crews, Terry as Vincent
  • Pogue, Ken as Speaker Day
  • Cunningham, Colin as Tripp
  • Duvall, Robert as Dr. Griffin Weir
  • Cannon, Wanda as Katherine Weir
  • Reid, Taylor Anne as Clara Gibson
  • Gareis, Jennifer as Virtual Girlfriend
  • McManus, Don as RePet Salesman

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