2001 Maniacs

Three college slackers, Anderson Lee, Cory Jones and Nelson Elliot, plan a good time away from their college by heading out to Daytona Beach for Spring Break. But along they way, they get detoured into the small, off-the-map, town of Pleasant Valley, Georgia, where they, along with three drifters, Joey, Kat and Ricky, and biker Malcolm and his girlfriend Leah, are welcomed as guests of honor by the cheerful but sinister-looking Mayor Buckman for the annual Pleasant Valley Guts and Glory Festival. Unknown to the eight unsuspecting Northerners, Mayor Buckman and the residents have more in store where they plan to use the festival as a blood ritual by separating the guests and killing them off one-by-one in ultra-gory fashion.

2001 Maniacs

Title: 2001 Maniacs

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Comedy, Horror

    Directors: Sullivan, Tim


  • Englund, Robert as Mayor Buckman
  • Shaye, Lin as Granny Boone
  • Andrews, Giuseppe as Harper Alexander
  • Gillespie, Jay as Anderson Lee
  • Malcolm, Marla as Joey
  • Edrington, Dylan as Nelson Elliot
  • Carey, Matthew as Cory Jones
  • Stormare, Peter as Professor Ackerman
  • Heekin, Gina Marie as Kat
  • Gross, Brian as Ricky
  • Lee, Mushond as Malcolm
  • Smith, Bianca as Leah
  • McCarthy, Brendan as Rufus Buckman
  • Robitel, Adam as Lester Buckman
  • Campbell, Christa as Milk Maiden

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