007 Moonraker

A Boeing 747 carrying a US space shuttle on loan to the UK crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. When the British examine the wreckage they can find no trace of the spacecraft and send agent James Bond to the shuttle’s manufacturers, Drax Industries, to investigate.

007 Moonraker

Title: 007 Moonraker

Release Date: 1979

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Directors: Gilbert, Lewis


  • Moore, Roger as James Bond
  • Chiles, Lois as Dr. Holly Goodhead
  • Lonsdale, Michael as Hugo Drax
  • Kiel, Richard as Jaws
  • Clery, Corinne as Corinne Dufour
  • Lee, Bernard as M
  • Keen, Geoffrey as Sir Frederick Gray
  • Llewelyn, Desmond as Q
  • Maxwell, Lois as Miss Moneypenny
  • Suga, ToshirĂ´ as Chang
  • Bolton, Emily as Manuela
  • Ravalec, Blanche as Dolly, Jaws” Girlfriend
  • Bochenko, Irka as Blonde Beauty
  • Marshall, Mike as Colonel Scott
  • Shenna, Leila as Hostess (Private Jet)

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