Days of Our Lives

Salem’s annual Christmas gala is a big success. Kate suggests to Billie that she fight for what she wants and tell Bo her feelings. Bo accompanies Hope to the hospital to meet with Jill who is finally awake. Peter and Kristen head out to the hallway during Laura’s operation, unable to view what is happening to Jennifer’s mother.

Meanwhile, thanks to Celeste’s warnings, John and Marlena stop by the Blake house to look for Kristen. As they do so, John flashes back to the time of Tony’s death but Marlena urges him not to worry about it. John remembers writing the letter to Marlena as Marlena wishes to herself that she could tell John that she loves him. As the doctor continues to work, John notices the electricity in the house is fading in and out. Kristen becomes nervous when she spots John’s car outside. Just as Marlena is about to tell John about Kristen’s misdeeds, Kristen enters the room. When Kristen spots the photo of John kissing Marlena behind Santa, she fakes cramps to win sympathy. At home Kristen’s pleased when she finds John’s Christmas present of a crib.

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