All My Children

Skye’s suspicions about Maria’s miraculous pregnancy intensify after she overhears Dimitri arranging for a paternity test at a lab in Center City. Joe and Ruth happily welcome Joey home for the holidays.

As Tad looks on in dismay, Gloria accepts a date from Rick for the hospital’s annual Christmas party. Meanwhile, Liza and Adam decide to push up their wedding date and tie the knot the very next day. Joey explains to his befuddled parents why he’d rather be called Jake from now on. Brooke has another dream about interrupting a wedding but is still unable to see the groom’s face clearly enough to identify him. When Tad wonders why she accepted an invitation from another man, Gloria haughtily reminds him that their relationship was supposed to be completely without strings attached. Skye goes snooping for more information about the fetal paternity test scheduled by Dimitri. Gloria advises Tad to carefully explore his residual feelings for Liza before he gets involved with anyone else. With Christmas Eve looming dead ahead, Myrtle hovers near “Santa” Kilgren, worried that the man to whom she’s grown so attached will become mired even deeper in his holiday delusion. Determined to make Adam pay for lying to her about WRCW, Liza sets a trap for her phony fiance.

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