The Young and the Restless

Victor announces to Ashley that he’s found Kurt to be a proud man who, if he has no purpose, will not stay in Genoa City. Tim calls Phyllis and is disappointed to hear that Danny has moved in but is staying in a separate room.

They then wish each other a Merry Christmas. Furious that she won’t change her mind, Ryan accuses Nina of having no interest in saving their marriage. Nina counters that she doesn’t think a trip can save their marriage. Sorry he tried to salvage it, Ryan then leaves. Danny invites Gina to a dinner party at Phyllis’ apartment. Phyllis listens as Gina advises her to let things happen as they will and not to press things. Inviting Chris to the party, Danny admits that he’s already had the one great love of his life but he does love Phyllis in many other ways. Phyllis is pleased to hear Danny call her apartment “their home.” With the party under way at the ranch, Tony crashes it and realizes that Nick’s wife is pregnant. Welcoming him, Nick introduces Tony to the others as Grace’s boyfriend. When he asks if he’s cramping her plans for Nick, Grace angrily demands that he leave. Tony mentions to Victoria her wealth. Grace assures Sharon that Tony is a friend from the past and nothing more.

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