The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Brooke are pleasantly surprised by the romantic evening Rick and Bridget have prepared for them. When Ridge admits he’s amazed that they are so positive about their relationship, Brooke assures him that she did not put the kids up to this. After the children are put to bed, Ridge and Brooke dance as Brooke hopes that when Ridge does get married, he marries the right woman.

Grant and Taylor discuss the dinner Ridge and Brooke are having tonight. Taylor denies being worried about the time Ridge is spending with Brooke but does urge Grant to pay attention to Brooke’s kids if he expects to marry her. Grant guesses that Brooke is going to use her children to win Ridge back. As most of the Forresters gather for dinner, Stephanie discusses with Thorne and Macy the engagement of Ridge and Taylor. Thorne voices his opinion that Ridge is going to marry wrong the woman. As they argue, Macy interrupts and reveals that she and Thorne are trying to start a family. Lauren comments to Eric that she was welcomed back at the office with a touching but unsigned note. At the dinner table, Thorne suggests that Ridge should postpone his wedding to Taylor to keep Brooke and Grant from taking over the company. Upset that he would consider the idea of Ridge marrying Brooke, Stephanie leaves the table. Macy apologizes for Thorne’s behavior. After dinner, Eric stops by Lauren’s place and asks her how the note made her feel. After he leaves, Lauren realizes that Eric sent the note.

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