The Bold and the Beautiful

Maggie announces to Lauren that she and James have come up with a solution to the problem with Sheila’s pregnancy. They are going to adopt her baby. Lauren and Stephanie gasp in amazement and warn that Sheila can’t be trusted and will probably put up a good fight.

Lauren assures Maggie that she and Stephanie will be there for them if they need any help. Lauren then notices a note welcoming her back and wonders who left it for her. Sheila informs a disguised Mike that James and Maggie want her baby and have invited her to move in with them. Curious, Mike suggests that this proves that James is still interested in her and encourages her to act on these feelings. Sheila then calls James and asks him to bring Maggie over. Once there, Sheila apologizes to them for her earlier behavior and announces that she has decided to accept their invitation to move in with them. Brooke asks Ridge if he’s ready to face the children over dinner. When she asks him not to talk about marrying Taylor until he is sure he’s going to say “I do,” Ridge lays into her for deceiving the kids not once, but twice. Arriving for dinner, Ridge and Brooke are surprised to see a candle-lit table for two. The children welcome them and then run out, leaving them to have dinner together.

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