The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorne apologizes to a still-upset Stephanie for spoiling last night’s dinner at the mansion. Stephanie accepts his apology but suggests that he should stick with the family on this one and not Brooke, urging him to take a look at the company to see what Brooke has done.

Realizing that even after last night’s dinner catered by Rick and Bridget that Ridge is still planning on marrying Taylor, Brooke decides to do something drastic. She calls a meeting of the top execs at Forrester and as she waits for everyone to arrive, Thorne lays into her for what she’s doing to the company. When he suggests that she is alienating everyone especially the people she loves, Brooke announces that she has made a big mistake. Brooke states that Eric is now in charge and she apologizes to everyone for the mistakes that she has made. She then walks out, crying as she does so. Stephanie and Eric thank Thorne for finally being able to get through to Brooke. Ridge is waiting for Brooke when she returns to her office. When he asks if this decision was part of her strategy to convince him to marry her, Brooke insists that she learned that you can’t win anything by hurting the people you love. She then suggests that he learn the same lesson.

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