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One Life to Live

As he peruses his morning paper, Andrew is unpleasantly surprised to discover that his wife has been writing another series of articles with Kevin. Cassie explains how she was too swamped with work to mention the new series, then reassures her husband that she’ll let nothing stand in the way of their future happiness. Promising to keep her relationship with Kevin strictly professional, Cassie tells Andrew she’ll quit the paper if that’s what he wants. At the Banner, Blair thanks the Buchanans for printing an article which paints Todd as a villain and adds ammunition to her side of the upcoming custody case. Meanwhile, a seething Todd orders his attorney to sue the Banner’s publishers for libel. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Brooke are pleasantly surprised by the romantic evening Rick and Bridget have prepared for them. When Ridge admits he’s amazed that they are so positive about their relationship, Brooke assures him that she did not put the kids up to this. After the children are put to bed, Ridge and Brooke dance as Brooke hopes that when Ridge does get married, he marries the right woman. Read the rest of this entry »

All My Children

Enraged by Janet’s remarks, Trevor rises from his wheelchair and stalks across the room to grab his unwelcome guest by the throat. When a gasping Janet points out his accomplishment, Trevor realizes what he’s done and crumples to the floor in tears. While out Christmas shopping with Michael, Amanda confides to her uncle that she’s going to buy a gift for Janet’s little girl. After allowing Janet to help him to the sofa, Read the rest of this entry »

The City

In a quandary about how best to handle her current difficulties, Tracy begins looking into boarding schools for Dylan but encounters opposition to the plan from a dismayed Beth. Angrily reminding the nanny that her only role in the household is to look after Dylan, Tracy orders the young woman to stop meddling in her master plan. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bold and the Beautiful

Maggie announces to Lauren that she and James have come up with a solution to the problem with Sheila’s pregnancy. They are going to adopt her baby. Lauren and Stephanie gasp in amazement and warn that Sheila can’t be trusted and will probably put up a good fight. Read the rest of this entry »

Another World

Sofia returns to the Herald office and icily informs Nick she’s not interested in pursuing the conversation they began in New York. Meanwhile, Matt decides to fire Nick for sexually harassing the paper’s new intern. Read the rest of this entry »

As the World Turns

As she decorates the tree with Bob and Kim, Nancy is reminded of the many Christmases she spent with Dan. Unpacking the special ornaments for each of her children, Kim starts crying as she stares at Andy’s glass ball. Read the rest of this entry »

All My Children

Astonished to receive a doll she asked Santa for decades ago, Myrtle frantically begins a search for Red. Meanwhile, Joey offers an elderly stranger a ride to the airport. During the trip, Red tells Joey he used to make toys at a factory up north, then assures the startled young man that Joe Sr. Read the rest of this entry »

The City

Determined to figure out if Carla is really carrying his child, Tony asks her to meet him at the City Bar for a chat about their future. As Buck frets about losing the bar, Jacob warns that counting on Tracy to bail them out of their back tax problem is probably not a viable solution. In the wake of Beth’s abrupt resignation, Tracy begins hunting for a new nanny for Dylan. Read the rest of this entry »

All My Children

Skye’s suspicions about Maria’s miraculous pregnancy intensify after she overhears Dimitri arranging for a paternity test at a lab in Center City. Joe and Ruth happily welcome Joey home for the holidays. Read the rest of this entry »

General Hospital

Jason admits to Carly how lonely he’s been since Robin left for college. As they discuss their complicated love lives, Carly complains to Jason about Bobbie’s constant interference in her relationship with Tony. Later, Tony walks in on a playful tussle between Carly and Jason. Jax returns from Australia and finds his wife sitting by Sonny’s hospital bed. After welcoming Jax home, Brenda explains how she saved Sonny’s life. Read the rest of this entry »

Days of Our Lives

Salem’s annual Christmas gala is a big success. Kate suggests to Billie that she fight for what she wants and tell Bo her feelings. Bo accompanies Hope to the hospital to meet with Jill who is finally awake. Peter and Kristen head out to the hallway during Laura’s operation, unable to view what is happening to Jennifer’s mother. Read the rest of this entry »

Gillian Anderson Goes Beyond The X-Files into the Future Fantastic

As the skeptical, science-minded FBI agent Dana Scully on Fox TV’s The X-Files, Gillian Anderson is constantly searching for rational reasons behind the paranormal phenomena she investigates every week on the top-rated show. Now it looks likes Anderson is finally going to get the chance to separate fantasy from reality, as she hosts and narrates the upcoming mini-series Future Fantastic debuting Sunday, March 2nd through Friday, March 7th at 10-11 p.m. and 1-2 a.m. EST on The Learning Channel. Read the rest of this entry »

TV Tunes In Ratings

The television industry announced their New Year’s resolution yesterday: By January 2nd, all programming, except sports and news, will be rated by a system similar to that used for movies. A small label will appear on the upper left-hand corner of the screen for the first 15 seconds of every show. Producers, local stations and cable networks will decide what programs get what ratings. The new system is divided into six categories: Read the rest of this entry »