One Life to Live

While Christmas shopping with Al, Max is amused to find Maggie haranguing the department store’s Santa Claus for gross dereliction of duty. When Maggie explains how one of her young charges is doomed to have a glommy holiday because of her parents’ recent divorce, Max decides to step in and find a more suitable St.

Nick to listen to little Joy’s Christmas wishes. Worried about his brother’s mood swings, Chris presses Antonio to open up about what’s bothering him. Viki catches Todd trying to leave her office with Star in tow. Sternly ordering her brother to put the baby down, Viki reminds Todd that he’ll be jeopardizing his own chances to win a custody suit if he pulls another stunt like the first kidnapping. Following her run*in with Marty, Blair suddenly begins suffering severe cramps and tells Patrick she thinks something is wrong with the baby. Claiming that he was only going to take Star to see Santa at Logan’s, Todd invites Viki to accompany him and his daughter on their holiday mission. As the doctor examines Blair, Marty swallows her pride and apologizes to Patrick for letting her rival provoke her into a counter attack. After Dr. Anderson reassures her that her unborn child is doing well, Blair confides that she’s been contemplating ending the pregnancy.

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