Guiding Light

Alan-Michael offers Phillip his sympathy on hearing about the divorce request and suggests he realize that he will meet someone to fall in love with. Phillip states that Beth was and is the woman he was meant to love. In the kitchen, Reva argues with Josh that things cannot work out between them, especially since Annie is pregnant with his child. Josh won’t believe it, boasting that they are destined to be together. Annie barges into the Bauer’s kitchen and keeps Reva from Josh by asking when Reva and Buzz will be having kids of their own. Much to Josh’s embarrassment, Annie uses the occasion to announce that she is pregnant. Rick’s special time with Abigail is ruined when he spots Ross and Blake arrive with the twins. Trying to help Annie with some advice, Rick is caught offguard when she reminds him that he has plenty of secrets that he must deal with. Amanda’s relieved when Roger returns from Switzerland. Dinah and Hart return from Switzerland and find Amanda with Roger at the farm. Hart complains to Dinah about Jean- Luc and her empty-headed friends. Dinah decides to plan a special family outing with Peter. After the last of the non-tipping tourists leaves, Marcus plays a love song on the juke box and dances with Dahlia, thanking her for helping him deal with the holiday rush at the diner. They’re interrupted by Marcus’ friend Samuel who suddenly appears without a jacket on the cold winter day. Dahlia is touched by their special relationship and Marcus’ concern for the boy.

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