General Hospital

Jax explains to Brenda why he asked Miranda to return to Port Charles. Meanwhile, Miranda tells Mac she’s agreed to divorce Jax so they can both move on with their lives. Sonny receives a call from the woman who set him up but fears the worst after the line goes dead just before she can name the person who paid her for the dirty deed.

Katherine panics to discover that she is unable to move her legs. Though Alan tries to reassure his patient that paralysis in these cases is almost always temporary, Katherine clings to Mac in terror. At the Quartermaine mansion, Justus advises Tony not to risk tainting his side of a possible custody suit by letting Carly share in his visits with Lucas. Determined to rescue his son from the clutches of the strange and dangerous Cassadine clan, Tony convinces Justus to sign on as his attorney. Bobbie begins to wonder why her husband seems so reluctant to leave Katherine’s side. Cautioning Tony to keep mum about their strategy, Justus again urges his client not to let Carly near Lucas until the case is settled. Later, a depressed Tony tells Carly that his son cannot spend Christmas with them as planned. Sonny orders one of his henchmen to tail Detective Taggart. Alan explains to Mac why they must wait until the swelling around the spine goes down before it can be determined if Katherine will ever walk again. To Carly’s dismay, Tony decides to move back into the brownstone for a while.

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