World’s Fastest Indian, The

In `60s New Zealand, at the bottom of the world, Burt Munro takes a 1920 Indian motorcycle and, delightfully without resources other than his own obsession and a Kiwi #8 wire mentality, spends his retirement rebuilding the bike and following his dream to go to Speed Week at Salt Lake in Utah. Under funded, without the support of a team and against all the odds he not only makes it to Bonneville, he sets a world land spend record, not once, but again and again.

World's Fastest Indian, The

Title: World’s Fastest Indian, The

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Adventure, Biography, Drama, Sport

    Directors: Donaldson, Roger


  • Hopkins, Anthony as Burt Munro
  • Rea, Iain as George
  • Mitchell, Tessa as Sarah
  • Murphy, Aaron as Tom
  • Shadbolt, Tim as Frank
  • Whittle, Annie as Fran
  • Johnson, Greg as Duncan
  • Starr, Antony as Jeff
  • Sullivan, Kate as Doris
  • Hall, Craig as Antarctic Angel
  • Bowman, Jim as Cook
  • Bruce, Alison as Doctor
  • Falconer, Phoebe as Janice
  • Pierard, Charles as Bank Manager
  • Ryan, Barry as Burt”s Neighbour

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