Who’s Harry Crumb?

Harry is the latest generation of the Crumbs, famous and extremely talented detectives. Unfortunately, talent seems to have skipped a generation, and Harry is reduced to “gumshoe” work at a remote branch of the Crumb detective agency. Back at headquarters, Crumb executive Elliot Draison hatches an evil plan, which requires the inclusion of an incompotent detective

. With Harry Crumb on the case, Draison thinks everything will run fine for him. Despite his best efforts, Crumb actually makes some headway in the case…

Who's Harry Crumb?

Title: Who’s Harry Crumb?

Release Date: 1989

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Flaherty, Paul


  • Candy, John as Harry Crumb
  • Jones, Jeffrey as Eliot Draisen
  • Potts, Annie as Helen Downing
  • Thomerson, Tim as Vince Barnes
  • Corbin, Barry as P.J. Downing
  • Smith, Shawnee as Nikki Downing
  • Bromfield, Valri as Detective Casey
  • Steckler, Doug as Dwayne
  • Coleman, Renée as Jennifer Downing
  • Mann, Wesley as Tim
  • Kelsey, Tamsin as Marie
  • Flaherty, Joe as Doorman
  • Roeske, Fiona as Crumb Receptionist
  • O”Byrne, Lori as Karen
  • Goodger, Michele as Mrs. MacIntyre

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