Things are not what they seem at a lonely bus stop nestled in a small New England town. It’s a crisp winter morning with a landscape painted of fresh snow. A beggar takes shelter from the frozen wind and in his hand he clutches a brown paper bag

. During his stay, he encounters three young ladies going shopping, a jogger, a business woman and a newly married couple. Each views him from their own perspective. They come and go, but he does not follow. A bus pulls up, but he does not board. With the hint of something “more” in his demeanor, he just waits.


Title: Waiting

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Family, Short

    Directors: O”Connor, Michael


  • Erb, Tom as Street Bum
  • Lozeau, Danielle as Business Woman
  • Kong, Nicole as Jogger
  • Boyd, Michele as Young Wife
  • Baldassari, Bobby as Young Married Couple
  • Amenta, Jennifer as Girl going shopping #1
  • Cleary, Melissa A. as Girl going shopping #2
  • Coro, Renee as Girl going shopping #3

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