Vikings, The

Einar and Eric are two Viking half-brothers. The former is a great warrior whilst the other is an ex-slave, but neither knows the true identity of the other. When the throne of Northumbria in Britain becomes free for the taking, the two brothers compete against one another for the prize, but they have very different motives – both involving the princess Morgana, however


Vikings, The

Title: Vikings, The

Release Date: 1958

Genres: Action, Adventure, History

    Directors: Fleischer, Richard


  • Douglas, Kirk as Einar
  • Curtis, Tony as Eric
  • Borgnine, Ernest as Ragnar
  • Leigh, Janet as Morgana
  • Donald, James as Egbert
  • Knox, Alexander as Father Godwin
  • Audley, Maxine as Enid
  • Thring, Frank as Aella
  • Way, Eileen as Kitala
  • Connor, Edric as Sandpiper
  • Nichols, Dandy as Bridget
  • Buckhøj, Per as Bjorn

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