After the town freak Ray Sawyer is killed in a freak accident involving voodoo related material, local teens’ bodies soon start piling up. A few of the teens decide to visit a friends house in the swamps of Louisiana to find out if she knows what’s going on, but they soon realize that Ray is possessed by evil spirits of murderers and evil souls and worser.

..Ray has found the teens and is armed with a crowbar. With only voodoo protecting them, the teens must survive his clutches or become his next victims…


Title: Venom

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Horror, Thriller

    Directors: Gillespie, Jim


  • Bruckner, Agnes as Eden
  • Jackson, Jonathan as Eric
  • Ramsey, Laura as Rachel
  • Cotrona, D.J. as Sean
  • Cramer, Rick as Ray
  • Good, Meagan as Cece
  • Phillips, Bijou as Tammy
  • Man, Method as Deputy Turner
  • Szajda, Pawel as Ricky
  • Sherwood, Davetta as Patty
  • Travis, Stacey as Laura
  • Brown, Marcus Lyle as Terry
  • Pickens Jr., James as Sheriff
  • Duke, Deborah as Miss Emmie

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