Two for the Money

Brandon Lang loves football: an injury keeps him from the pros, but his quarterback’s anticipation makes him a brilliant predictor of games’ outcomes. Needing money, he leaves Vegas for Manhattan to work for Walter Abrams advising gamblers. Walter has a doting wife, a young daughter, and a thriving business, but he has problems: a bum heart, a belief he’s a master manipulator, and addictions barely kept in check

. He remakes Brandon, and a father-son relationship grows. Then, things go awry. Walter may be running a con. The odds against Brandon mount.

Two for the Money

Title: Two for the Money

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Drama, Sport, Thriller

    Directors: D.J. Caruso


  • Pacino, Al as Walter Abrams
  • McConaughey, Matthew as Brandon Lang
  • Russo, Rene as Toni Morrow
  • Assante, Armand as Novian
  • Piven, Jeremy as Jerry
  • King, Jaime as Alexandria
  • Chapman, Kevin as Southie
  • Garman, Ralph as Reggie
  • Watanabe, Gedde as Milton
  • Pope, Carly as Tammy
  • Carroll, Charles as Chuck
  • Plunkett, Gerard as Herbie
  • Veroni, Craig as Amir
  • Kirk, James as Denny
  • Austin, Chrislyn as Julia

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