Threat of Exposure

Dr. Daryl Sheleigh (Sean Young), is smart, beautiful, sophisticated, and in trouble.

.. she’s a psychotherapist / hypnotherapist whose clients have begun to mysteriously disappear. Badger (Will Schaub) Welldon is working undercover with the police, he poses as her patient looking for clues about four missing men(which also includes his younger brother). He’s confident when he first enters her office, with no intention of revealing anything about himself… as the therapy progresses, boundaries are broken. Disturbing secrets from Badger’s past emerge, and a compelling bond develops between Daryl and Badger. As Badger’s feelings deepen, so does the chilling evidence against her… will she be the one to remove his loneliness or will she be his executioner?

Threat of Exposure

Title: Threat of Exposure

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Thriller

    Directors: Whitus, Tom


  • Young, Sean as Dr. Daryl Sheleigh
  • Schaub, Will as Badger
  • Devane, William as Col. Weldon
  • Thomas, D. Paul as Lt. McDermott
  • Crawford, Sarah as Suzanne

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