Ben Cronin has it all: the admiration of his many friends, a terrific girlfriend, and he’s on the fast-track to an athletic scholarship. Not that it’s been easy – every day Ben juggles countless hours in the pool (training for a critical swim meet), with a job at the local hospital, and finding quality time with his high school sweetheart, Amy. Ben’s rock-solid, promising future and romance with Amy are turned upside-down with the arrival of Madison Bell

. Madison, the “new girl in town,” quickly sets her sights on the impressionable Ben. While their first few meetings are innocent enough, the obsessive and seductive Madison wants more – much more. Seducing Ben is only beginning; she becomes his biggest “fan” and most unexpected nightmare, as her obsessions quickly spiral out of control into betrayal, madness and, ultimately, murder.


Title: Swimfan

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Polson, John


  • Bradford, Jesse as Ben Cronin
  • Christensen, Erika as Madison Bell
  • Appleby, Shiri as Amy Miller
  • Burton, Kate as Carla Cronin
  • Crawford, Clayne as Josh
  • Ritter, Jason as Randy
  • Goodwin, Kia as Rene
  • Hedaya, Dan as Coach Simkins
  • Higgins, Michael as Mr. Tillman
  • Sandow, Nick as Detective John Zabel
  • Isaacs, Pamela as Mrs. Egan
  • DeBello, James as Christopher Dante
  • Somerville, Phyllis as Aunt Gretchen Christopher
  • Cappadona, Tom as Janitor
  • Barrett, Malcolm as Jock

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