Sweet November

Nelson (Keanu Reeves) is a man devoted to his advertising career in San Francisco. One day, while taking a driving test at the DMV, he meets Sara (Charlize Theron). She is very different from the other women in his life

. Nelson causes her to miss out on taking the test and later that day she tracks him down. One thing leads to another and Nelson ends up living with her through a November that will change his life forever.

Sweet November

Title: Sweet November

Release Date: 2001

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Directors: Pat O”Connor


  • Reeves, Keanu as Nelson Moss
  • Theron, Charlize as Sara Deever
  • Isaacs, Jason as Chaz Watley
  • Germann, Greg as Vince Holland
  • Aiken, Liam as Abner
  • Joy, Robert as Raeford Dunne
  • Graham, Lauren as Angelica
  • Rosenbaum, Michael as Brandon/Brandy
  • Langella, Frank as Edgar Price
  • Kravits, Jason as Manny
  • Baker, Ray as Buddy Leach
  • Bullock, Tom as Al
  • Proom, Adele as Osiris
  • Callender, L. Peter as Don Watson, DMV Proctor
  • Lomena, June as Beatrice

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