The tranquility of a small town is marred only by sheriff Tod Shaw’s unsuccessful courtship of widow Ellen Benson, a pacifist who can’t abide guns and those who use them. But violence descends on Ellen’s household willy-nilly when the U.S

. President passes through town… and slightly psycho hired assassin John Baron finds the Benson home ideal for an ambush.


Title: Suddenly

Release Date: 1954

Genres: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: Allen, Lewis


  • Sinatra, Frank as John Baron
  • Hayden, Sterling as Sheriff Tod Shaw, Suddenly California
  • Gleason, James as Peter (”Pop”) Benson
  • Gates, Nancy as Ellen Benson
  • Charney, Kim as Peter Benson III (Pidge)
  • Frees, Paul as Benny Conklin, Baron”s Accomplice (also uncredited TV announcer voice)
  • Dark, Christopher as Bart Wheeler
  • Bouchey, Willis as Dan Carney, Chief Secret Service Agent
  • Wexler, Paul as Deputy Slim Adams, Suddenly Police Dept.
  • O”Hara, James as Jud Kelly
  • Dibbs, Kem as Wilson
  • Howat, Clark as Haggerty
  • Smith, Charles Martin as Bebop

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