Steel Dawn

In a post-apocalyptic world, a warrior wandering through the desert comes upon a group of settlers who are being menaced by a murderous gang that is after the water they control.

Steel Dawn

Title: Steel Dawn

Release Date: 1987

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Hool, Lance


  • Swayze, Patrick as Nomad
  • Niemi, Lisa as Kasha
  • Zerbe, Anthony as Damnil
  • Neame, Christopher as Sho, Hired Killer
  • James, Brion as Tark, Kasha”s Foreman
  • Fujioka, John as Cord the Peacemaker
  • Hool, Brett as Jux
  • Van Heerden, Marcel as Lann
  • Vosloo, Arnold as Makker
  • Whyle, James as Tooey, Kasha Farmhand
  • Savadier, Russel as Off, Kasha Farmhand
  • Ribeiro, Joe as Cali the Doctor
  • Heyns, Alex as Priest
  • Morris, Brad as Bluto
  • Moneta, Tullio as Henchman

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