A thought-provoking and haunting exploration of how reality and dream-states may combine to form complex interactions in the mind of an accident victim. The line between the imagination and reality blurs when an accomplished Psychiatrist takes on a patient that appears to be suicidal.


Title: Stay

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Drama, Short

    Directors: Forster, Marc


  • McGregor, Ewan as Sam Foster
  • Gosling, Ryan as Henry Letham
  • Burton, Kate as Mrs. Letham
  • Watts, Naomi as Lila Culpepper
  • Reaser, Elizabeth as Athena
  • Hoskins, Bob as Dr. Leon Patterson
  • Garofalo, Janeane as Dr. Beth Levy
  • Wong, B. D. as Dr. Ren
  • Tormey, John as Custodian/Piano Mover #1
  • Rosario, José Ramón as Cabbie/Piano Mover #2
  • Baker, Becky Ann as Paramedic #1/Butch Cook
  • Kron, Lisa as Paramedic #2
  • Mitchell, Gregory as Dance Instructor
  • Dominici, John as Boy/Young Henry
  • Hecht, Jessica as Boy”s Mother

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