A giant structure found in the desert has studied by various scientist for nearly fifty years and are no where near discovering what it is. Until Daniel jackson, a language expert deciphers and reveals that it’s a Stargate. He also discovers how to make it work

. They then learn that it’s some kind interstellar transport device. Now a group of soldiers led by despondent Colonel Jack O’Neill go to the planet, also accompanying them is Jackson, who said that he can reactivate the Stargate to send them back but he forgot to mention that he needs to find the symbols and they can’t find anything, so it appears that they are trapped. And if that isn’t enough, some aliens arrive and capture them and have nefarious plans for Earth.


Title: Stargate

Release Date: 1994

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Emmerich, Roland


  • Russell, Kurt as Col. Jonathan ”Jack” O”Neil
  • Spader, James as Dr. Daniel Jackson
  • Lindfors, Viveca as Catherine Langford, Ph.D.
  • Cruz, Alexis as Skaara
  • Avital, Mili as Sha”uri
  • Rippy, Leon as General West
  • Diehl, John as Lieutenant Kawalsky
  • Lauchu, Carlos as Anubis
  • Hounsou, Djimon as Horus
  • Avari, Erick as ”Good Father” Kasuf
  • Stewart, French as Lieutenant Ferretti
  • Loffler, Gianin as Nabeh
  • Davidson, Jaye as Ra
  • Fields, Christopher John as Freeman
  • Webster, Derek as Brown

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