Squid and the Whale, The

The patriarch (Jeff Daniels) of an eccentric Brooklyn family claims to once have been a great novelist, but he has settled into a teaching job. When his wife (Laura Linney) discovers a writing talent of her own, jealousy divides the family, leaving two teenage sons to forge new relationships with their parents. Linney’s character begins dating her younger son’s tennis coach

. Meanwhile, Daniels’ character has an affair with the student his older son is pursuing.

Squid and the Whale, The

Title: Squid and the Whale, The

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Directors: Baumbach, Noah


  • Kline, Owen as Frank Berkman
  • Daniels, Jeff as Bernard Berkman
  • Linney, Laura as Joan Berkman
  • Eisenberg, Jesse as Walt Berkman
  • Baldwin, William as Ivan
  • Benger, David as Carl
  • Paquin, Anna as Lili
  • Barton, Molly as Graduate Student
  • Berkman, Bo as Graduate Student
  • Kaplan, Matthew as Graduate Student
  • Kaplan, Simon as Graduate Student
  • Kirsch, Matthew as Graduate Student
  • Markowicz, Daniella as Graduate Student
  • Meriwether, Elizabeth as Graduate Student
  • Schrank, Ben as Graduate Student

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