Speed 2: Cruise Control

Annie and her policeman boyfriend Alex decide to take a romantic ocean cruise together. Once at sea, however, one of the passengers, a disgruntled computer genius named Giger, disables the ship. Alex must now foil Giger’s plans and bring everyone back safely to shore, but how can he outwit a man who can control the entire ship from his keyboard?

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Title: Speed 2: Cruise Control

Release Date: 1997

Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller

    Directors: Bont, Jan de


  • Bullock, Sandra as Annie
  • Patric, Jason as Officer Alex Shaw
  • Dafoe, Willem as John Geiger
  • Morrison, Temuera as Juliano
  • McCardie, Brian as Merced
  • Firkins, Christine as Drew
  • Hagerty, Michael G. as Harvey
  • Camp, Colleen as Debbie
  • Chiles, Lois as Celeste
  • Guinan, Francis as Rupert
  • Tamia as Sheri Silver
  • Hotz, Jeremy as Ashton
  • Murciano, Enrique as Alejandro
  • Diz, Jessica as Isabel
  • Ray, Connie as Fran Fisher

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