A “lone wolf” U.S. government secret agent, Scott( Kilmer), is assigned the task of rescuing the kidnapped daughter (Bell) of a high ranking government figure, only to discover along the way a larger, more sinister plot



Title: Spartan

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Mamet, David


  • Andrew Davoli
  • Bell, Kristen
  • Lauren Bowles
  • Greif, Stephen
  • Texada, Tia as Jackie Black
  • Luke, Derek as Curtis
  • Kilmer, Val as Scott
  • Campbell, Jeremie as Cadre Candidate
  • Jennings, Garth as Grace”s Aide
  • Smith, Lionel Mark as Colonel Blane
  • Messner, Johnny as Grace
  • LaCentra, Chris as Cpl. Sattler
  • Magno, Renato as Grossler
  • FitzGerald, Mark as Training Facility Guard
  • Mamet, Tony as Parker
  • Gregg, Clark as Miller
  • Butler, Ron as Headquarters Agent
  • Culp, Steven as Gaines
  • Guastaferro, Vincent as Naylor

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