New Orleans, 1981. Sonny Phillips, just discharged from the Army, returns home. The only life he’s known is as a gigolo, working for his mother, but he wants to leave that behind

. However, the job his Army buddy promised doesn’t materialize, and he can’t escape his past.


Title: Sonny

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Crime, Drama

    Directors: Cage, Nicolas


  • Franco, James as Sonny Phillips
  • Blethyn, Brenda as Jewel Phillips
  • Stanton, Harry Dean as Henry Wade
  • Suvari, Mena as Carol
  • Davis, Josie as Gretchen
  • Cage, Nicolas as Acid Yellow
  • Caan, Scott as Jesse
  • Cassel, Seymour as Albert
  • Vaccaro, Brenda as Meg
  • Metcalf, Willie as Cal
  • Coppola, Marc as Jimmy at Mattie”s
  • Shea, Janet as Wealthy Woman
  • Alden, Cary Wilmot as Catherine
  • Timbes, Graham as Troy
  • Merck, Wallace as Scott

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