Sgt. Bilko

This movie is a remake of the hit series which starred, Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko. In this movie, Bilko is played by Steve Martin

. Bilko tuns the motor pool and has all sorts of scams going on like gambling, renting out military vehicles, and so on, which are all violations. However, his commanding officer, Colonel Hall overlooks them, cause he is more concerned about his future, cause a lot of bases are being closed, and the inspector, Major Thorn was on the verge of doing that. But when he heard that Bilko was on the base, he turned into a mad dog. It seems that Thorn was a “thorn” in Bilko’s side many years ago but through a series of misunderstandings, Thorn was accused of carrying out or being the brains behind one of Bilko’s schemes, he would be sent to Greenland and his career has not gone as he hoped it would and now wants revenge on Bilko.

Sgt. Bilko

Title: Sgt. Bilko

Release Date: 1996

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Lynn, Jonathan


  • Martin, Steve as Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko
  • Aykroyd, Dan as Colonel John T. Hall
  • Hartman, Phil as Major Colin Thorn
  • Headly, Glenne as Rita Robbins
  • Mitchell, Daryl as Pfc. Wally Holbrook
  • Casella, Max as Pvt. Dino Paparelli
  • Edwards, Eric as Pvt. Duane Doberman
  • Ferro, Dan as Pvt. Tony Morales
  • Jones, John Marshall as Sgt. Henshaw
  • Leckner, Brian as Pvt. Sam Fender
  • Ortiz, John as Pvt. Luis Clemente
  • Adlon, Pamela as Sgt. Raquel Barbella
  • Whitfield, Mitchell as Pvt. Mickey Zimmerman
  • Pendleton, Austin as Major Ebersole
  • Rock, Chris as 1st Lt. Oster

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