Scary Movie 4

Anna Faris returns as the caring yet dumb witted Cindy Campbell in the latest installment of the Scary Movie Franchise. Cindy has taken up a job as a house caretaker for a nice old lady that is said to be cursed. Cindy moves right in and the house is located right next to Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan, a down on his luck father

. Cindy soon discovers a dreaded secret about the house and she is comforted by Tom who is watching his children for the weekend. As soon as the two become more then just friends, a huge storm rolls on in and hits the town. Tom discovers a giant hole in the ground and an alien TrIpod emerges from it’s depth’s. Meanwhile, Cindy finds the soul of a tortured boy living inside the house who tells her he knows the secret on how to defeat the aliens. But before he gives it too her, he vanishes. The only way to figure out the mystery is to find the boy’s father. Cindy and Tom split away from each other and Tom, with his children, seek refuge in a torn up basement owned by shotgun wielding man named Oliver. Cindy, while trying to figure out her own mystery, bumps into her old friend Brenda Meeks. Teogether, they decide to defeat the aliens. Brenda then discovers a hidden village outside of town and Cindy figure’s out the boys father is somewhere inside. Now it’s up to Cindy and Brenda to find the boys father and unfold the mystery on how to defeat the aliens, who in fact have their own plans on how to torture such people like Shaq and Dr. Phil.

Scary Movie 4

Title: Scary Movie 4

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Horror

    Directors: Zucker, David


  • Hall, Regina as Brenda
  • Bierko, Craig as Tom Ryan
  • Pullman, Bill as Henry Hale
  • Anderson, Anthony as Mahalik
  • Nielsen, Leslie as President Baxter Harris
  • Faris, Anna as Cindy Campbell
  • Shannon, Molly as Marilyn
  • Madsen, Michael as Oliver
  • Elliott, Chris as Ezekiel
  • Electra, Carmen as Holly
  • O”Neal, Shaquille as Shaq
  • McGraw, Phil as Dr. Phil
  • Leachman, Cloris as Mrs. Norris
  • Campbell, Conchita as Rachel
  • Mirchoff, Beau as Robbie

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