Red Letters

After a sexual harassment incident, Dennis Burke (Peter Coyote), a Nathaniel Hawthorne scholar, goes to work at a California college. He begins correspondence with an imprisoned murderer, Lydia Davis (Nastassja Kinski). Burke is finding old habits hard to break, developing relationships with obsessive coeds

. Meanwhile, Lydia escapes from prison. Dennis and his colleague Thurston, a computer scientist and hacker, find themselves caught in a web of intrigue.

Red Letters

Title: Red Letters

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Crime, Drama

    Directors: Battersby, Bradley


  • Coyote, Peter as Dennis Burke
  • Kinski, Nastassja as Lydia Davis
  • Balk, Fairuza as Gretchen Van Buren
  • Piven, Jeremy as Thurston Clarque
  • Hudson, Ernie as Detective Glen Teal
  • Gleason, Paul as Dean Van Buren
  • Ehlers, Heather as Karen Clarque
  • Monroe, Steve as Schminick
  • Kier, Udo as George Kessler
  • Roberts, Layla as Cheryl Russo
  • Bush, Owen as Old Man
  • Ryan, Kenneth as Lawyer
  • Leckner, Brian as Lenzo Russo
  • Morgenstern, Susan as Nancy Maxwell
  • Valente, Antoinette as Molly

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