Dutch (Arnlod Schwarzenegger) and a team of commandos have been sent into a Central American jungle to track down some missing airmen that were kidnapped by terrorists. By the time they get to the camp, the airmen have been butchered in a very violent fashion and the commandos retaliate on the terrorists’ camp. After that’s over, they wait for a helicopter to pick them up, but something strange begins to happen in the woods

. It isn’t long before the commandos start getting killed off and Dutch and a girl from the camp, Anna (Elpidia Carrillo), are the only people left and fighting for their lives. But what they discover is too shocking for them to imagine. What’s been killing them is the Predator, an alien that hunts rare species and make his trophies out of their skulls. And human beings are the new species he has discovered.


Title: Predator

Release Date: 1987

Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Directors: McTiernan, John


  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold as Major Alan ”Dutch” Schaeffer
  • Weathers, Carl as Major George Dillon
  • Carrillo, Elpidia as Anna
  • Duke, Bill as Sergeant ”Mac” Eliot
  • Ventura, Jesse as Blain
  • Landham, Sonny as Billy
  • Chaves, Richard as Poncho Ramirez
  • Armstrong, R.G. as General Phillips
  • Black, Shane as Hawkins
  • Hall, Kevin Peter as The Predator/End Helicopter Pilot

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