Andrew Beckett, a gay lawyer infected with AIDS, is fired from his conservative law firm in fear that they might contract AIDS from him. After Andrew is fired, in a last attempt for peace, he sues his former law firm with the help of a homophobic lawyer, Joe Miller. During the court battle, Miller sees that Beckett is no different than anyone else on the gritty streets of the city of brotherly love, sheds his homophobia and helps Beckett with his case before AIDS overcomes him



Title: Philadelphia

Release Date: 1993

Genres: Drama



  • Hanks, Tom as Andrew Beckett
  • Washington, Denzel as Joe Miller
  • Maxwell, Roberta as Judge Tate
  • Kilman, Buzz as Crutches
  • Finley, Karen as Dr. Gillman
  • Chapman, Daniel as Clinic Storyteller
  • Sorensen Jr., Mark as Clinic Patient
  • Williamson, Jeffrey as Tyrone
  • Glenn, Charles as Kenneth Killcoyne
  • Vawter, Ron as Bob Seidman
  • Smith, Anna Deavere as Anthea Burton
  • Roth Haberle, Stephanie as Rachel Smilow
  • Talerico, Lisa as Shelby
  • Woodward, Joanne as Sarah Beckett
  • Robards, Jason as Charles Wheeler

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