Painted Veil, The

Kitty Fane (Watts) is a frivolous young English woman who longs for romance and excitement, trapped in a loveless marriage to a staid Shanghai researcher. When her husband (Norton) learns she has had an affair, he volunteers to fight a cholera epidemic in China’s war-torn interior. Dr

. Fane forces his wife to accompany him on the difficult and hazardous journey, endangering her life in the process.

Painted Veil, The

Title: Painted Veil, The

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Drama, Romance

    Directors: Curran, John


  • Watts, Naomi as Kitty Fane
  • Norton, Edward as Walter Fane
  • Schreiber, Liev as Charlie Townsend
  • Jones, Toby as Waddington
  • Rigg, Diana as Mother Superior
  • Howland, Juliet as Dorothy Townsend
  • Wong Chau-Sang, Anthony as Colonel Yu
  • Steed, Maggie as Mrs. Garstin
  • Laurence, Lorraine as Sister Maryse
  • Lee, Johnny as Angry Chinese Man
  • Feng, Li as Sung Ching
  • Meiduo, Gesang as Amah
  • David, Alan as Mr. Garstin
  • Voller, Lucy as Doris Garstin
  • Rennick, Ian as Geoffrey Denison

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